Ready to bug out Gear is extremely important. Don’t buy garbage just to get by. Do your research, save some money and get gear that you need. Your gear only works if it works for you.

Your gear should work for you, be easy for you to use and you should practice using it, just like a skill. Gear that works for me may not work for you. The more skill you have, the less gear you require and less pounds is less pain.

Gear that we at use and currently love:

Flashlights, Headlamps, Rechargeable Sticks and Lanterns – I currently like the Olight and the Fenix brand flashlights the best. I have had other types of flashlights like pelican, maglight, etc. The Olight and Fenix are very durable and water resistant. The Olight has a super strong magnetic end. The kit came with the lantern end, red lantern end, extra o rings, rechargeable battery with the battery charger. As far as headlamps we have opted for a generic headlamp with a red lens option. We really like the UV Paqlite products, we have the tooblite, the scubalite and two of the mats. These work great with minimal charging time by the sun or flashlight. I currently carry the UCO mini tea light candle lantern.

Packs and Pouches-I am in love with the Maxpedition packs and pouches. They are super durable and water resistant. Dirt and water just bead right off even in heavy downpour. I wait for the items to come on sale for closeout, clearance or bogo. I have several of these, the FR1 medical pouch, the Mega dump pouch, the Falcon II backpack, the folding hygiene pack, beefy pocket organizer, the fatty pocket organizer, etc.

Dry bags – I love the Sea to Summit dry bags and Seal Line dry bags. They are completely waterproof, out on a boat or in a downpour. I use them in my INCH bag to keep my clothes dry, out on the dive boat to keep my clothes dry including camera and cell phone and in my EDC bag ready to use over the Condor Pack Insert.

Cookwear – for basecamp cookware, we have some Lodge cast iron when we are all together, but we also have an Olicamp kettle pot which is great for two and for personal cookwear the military mess kit, Pathfinder pot and Stanley cook pot.

Batteries and Chargers- Batteries that are rechargeable, you can’t beat Tenergy CR123A and Eneloop AAA and AA. The Anker battery charger is the absolute best. I used it on the week long scuba trip to charge my smart phone each day. It lasted 7 days. You can charge it with electricity or charge it by solar power.

Knives, Machetes, Axes and Saws – Morakniv Companion, Light My Fire Morakniv and Morakniv Eldris are in our packs. Schrade SCH45 bowie type machete, Cold Steel Grass Machete and Tops 170 Machete are our favorites. Husqvarna Ax and Cold Steel Frontier Hawk and Cold Steel Trail Hawk are the best so far. Gransfors Bruk axes are the best but out of our price range. The best pocket saw so far is the Silky Pocket Boy and Silky Gomboy.

Tarps, Blankets and Mats – Aqua Quest Defender King tarp will keep you and your family sheltered from the elements. A 100% wool or lighter weight 100% merino wool blanket will keep you warm and is fire resistant, so it can be used around the campfire. A CGear Sand Free Mat will keep the dirt and debris out of your tent.