I am currently carrying a Maxpedition Falcon II backpack for my EDC pack.

My every day carry pocket contents that are not included in my bag, but on my person each day are a O Light S1baton flashlight
(500 lumen with 3 settings, pocket clip and a very strong magnetic end), 2 Benchmade folding pocket knives, a paracord bracelet, a sturdy made belt – I like the belt from Browncoat Tactical, a hat, some cash, a concealed carry license, side arm and a lanyard that contains an Exotac Polystriker XL, a Resqme keychain and a Morakniv Eldris knife. This lanyard is either attached to my bag or in my bag. It can also be a great addition for anyone that works in an office and will not have a belt readily available to put items on.
Every Day Carry Lanyard

I always carry a bottle of water as well. I believe that my EDC Bag contents should be multi purpose, organized (the smaller items are organized in a Condor Pack Insert
this insert becomes part of my larger kit or inch bag when needed) and include the following:

Condor pack insert with velcro strap and Morakniv.

This is how the insert slides in my bag, with a Morakniv attached by the velcro strap.

Condor pack insert.

This Condor pack insert fits in the back compartment of my EDC bag with the poncho and extra magazines.


A heavy duty Survival Solutions O.P.S.E.C. poncho that can be used as a shelter if required. This poncho has snaps at the bottom to shorten the poncho and also is made to fit over me with my backpack on. Paracord – two hanks of about 50′ each-and two Nite Ize figure nine carabiners or “no knot” as I call it (I am knot tying impaired).
There is also a SOL bivy bag and 3 rock climbing rated carabiners.

Fire and Food

There is a Gerber Bear Grylls fire starter, a Numyth Tohil watertight fluid lighter, an Esbit stove tablet that I can crumble up for tinder and a couple of ranger bands (mower tire inner tube cut into pieces) included. Also included is  package of crackers from an MRE with the peanut butter and jam. I have included a CRKT Eat’N Tool XL spork which I have now switched out for a Light My Fire spork due to it being a more light weight option (ounces equals pounds and pounds equals pain), a foil packet of tuna and P38 can opener.


In a Condor molle H2O water bottle pouch attached to my EDC contains a Kleen Kanteen 40 0z stainless steel wide mouthed bottle nested into a GSI stainless steel cup, a stainless steel bottle hanger, a Sawyer Mini filter with a 1 liter water pouch, iodine water treatment tablets, a cherry drink packet from an MRE and two lipton tea packets. You can also carry electrolyte tablets (a very good thing to stock up on and flavors the water) I always carry a bottle of water with me everywhere I go, everytime. The Condor molle H2O water bottle pouch can be removed from the EDC pack if needed and attached to my belt for easier water collection or a attached to a bigger bag for long term.

Condor molle H2O pouch.Kleen kanteen and GSI cup nested.Sawyer mini water filtration kit.

First Aid

There is an Armour Wear Diamond IFAK (individual first aid kit) attached to my EDC bag on the opposite side. This kit contains a Sof T wide tourniquet and a SWAT T tourniquet, sharpie marker, mylar emergency blanket,

bandage scissors, a 4″ israeli bandage, nitrile gloves, moleskin and a variety of band aids.
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Armourwear IFAK in multicamArmour Wear Diamond Ifak

Light and Navigation

A Fenix PD32UE flashlight (960 lumen), a whistle, a good military style compass, a local map, a Rite in the rain pad and pen, a headlamp that has both white and red light options, extra batteries for the flashlight and the headlamp and a battery bank charger for my cellphone. I have a Tooblite stick for ambient light that charges using the sun or flashlight attached to the outside of the pack. The tooblite can be used as a pack marker or tent stake marker.

Tools and Protection

A Morakniv stainless steel companion knife, a CRKT fixed blade knife and 2 more magazines for my sidearm. Also, 2 pair of heavy leather work gloves. I have a Leatherman Super Tool 300 multi tool with a mini crescent wrench and a mini pair of Knipex Cobra pliers tucked in the multi tool sheath, a Speedy Sharp knife sharpener (we have a larger bug out sharpening kit to go in our vehicle with our Inch Bags), an eyeglass tool and screws, a small pair of binoculars, and a Benchmade knife tool.
An XGO flame resistant shemagh to wrap around my neck to keep me warm, to wrap over my face for blowing sand and dust, over my head for sun protection or to be used as a sling if necessary. Because it is flame resistant, it can be used to grab hot pot handles out of the fire. A bandana for my face, nose and the above uses as well. Also, an extra pair of Darn Tuff merino wool socks.

On every set of vehicle keys is a Resqme keychain that contains a seat belt cutter and a window breaker in case of emergency it would be easy to reach in the ignition of the vehicle.


My bag contains extra allergy medicine, benedryl, Aleve, hand sanitizer, chapstick, gum, nail clippers, plastic credit card sized magnifier, brush, sun screen, a packet of EZ Towels, camping sized roll of toilet paper, ***WOMAN ALERT***an extra sanitary pad (come on guys, you probably have a wife, a girlfriend or a sister) and a compact mirror. I am a Young Living distributor, so I have a good assortment of essential oils to compliment my first aid as well. (Lavender, Pan-Away, RC, Deep Relief, peppermint, stress away, lemon and Di-Gize.


I carry sturdy hard soled walking shoes in my vehicle if I do not already have them on. Also winter gear if it is the season. This could include insulated gloves, parka, insulated bibs, merino wool base layer like Ice Breaker, merino wool socks (I am currently testing Smart Wool and Darn Tuff), ear muffs, stocking cap or ear band to protect my ears from the cold. I always have tools, jumper cables, an extra flashlight, ice scraper, extra blankets and gloves for the whole family in vehicle at all times.