My inch bag was a Molle II Rucksack with plastic frame, my husband is still using this for his INCH bag. I have changed my INCH bag to a large ALICE pack modified to fit the Molle II frame.
I have stuff sacks, dry bags and pouches for organization so nothing gets lost. In addition to my EDC bag contents, I added the following:

A self inflating Thermarest Trail Lite WOMENS sleeping pad (yes, there is a difference) and got the Thermarest Trail Lite large sleeping pad for my husband. These pads are self inflating, however do have closed cell foam inside as well. There is a heavy duty double sided all weather emergency blanket, not a flimsy mylar blanket. (I can snag and rip a mylar blanket with the best of them and I live in a typically windy area). The Original Space heavy duty all weather emergency blanket can be used as a ground sheet, a wind resistant outer layer for my body, a heat reflector, a signaling device and much more. I will use the heavy duty mylar blanket under the pad to prevent debris from puncturing my pad for as long as possible. It is a all season pad that is 1.5″ thick and only weighs a pound.
Along with the sleeping pad, I added an inflatable Exped air pillow, a merino wool sleeping bag liner (keeps the inside of the bag clean and can be used as a stand alone blanket for hot weather, they come in mummy bag size and square sheet size and can be made of cotton, silk, microfiber, fleece or merino wool) and the Military Sleep system. It is bulky, but it will keep me dry and protected in all weather.
On the outside right pocket, a stainless steel military mess kit, a Stanley stainless steel cooking pot with strainer lid that nests into a GSI stainless steel cup and contains a nylon pot scrubber,  a stainless steel water bottle with bandana and ranger bands for water collection of running water, water treatment tablets, a 1L water bag and a nalgene Sawyer water filter bottle.
On the outside left pocket, a tea light candle lantern with extra tea lights to take the condensation out of the tent or add light, a Fenix PD35 flashlight with lantern end , another headlamp, a more robust fire starting kit (containing a 1″x 6″ ferrocium rod, flint and steel kit, 2 Bic lighters, ranger bands, an Altoids tin of vaseline coated make up pads, wet tinders and esbit tablets, a better hygiene kit (including a Leatherman micro, nail brush, nail clippers, tweezers, shatterproof mirror, toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, two Norwex wash cloths and soap), cut rags with a wet bag dedicated for washing them (if you think you will keep your toilet paper forever and also keep it dry you’re crazy), ***WOMAN ALERT*** washable sanitary pads with  a wet bag dedicated for washing them as well. The wet bags are awesome, you just add water inside the bag with some camp soap and zip the bag. This allows you to wash and scrub the cut rags or sanitary pads around in their own bag without contaminating everything else. A folding pocket shovel, camp soap and a fast drying personal towel.
The main part of the pack has more tools including a machete (which will strap to the outside of the pack)I was carrying a Schrade SCH45, but now to lighten the load, I am carrying a Tops 170, a fixed blade knife which is strapped to the machete sheath which is a Light My Fire Morakniv, a 2hawks tomahawk, a tin of homemade fixin’ wax, a folding e tool (which will stay in my bugout vehicle until I have to carry it), a  merino wool stocking cap, synthetic stocking cap, 2 more pair heavy leather work gloves, 1 pair of winter gloves, a pair of cut resistant gloves, a Silky Pocket Boy folding saw, another bandana, a set of rain pants, extra batteries and solar panels, another surrounding areas map,  another first aid kit that includes more boo boo type supplies, mosquito netting for the entire sleeping bag, mosquito netting for just over my head, a deck of all weather playing cards and clothes. 
Clothes are just as important as first aid and shelter. Clothes will protect you from getting minor cuts and scrapes that can turn into huge infected areas. Layers are the key. Safety glasses can protect your eyes from injury, they make safety glasses that can go over your prescription glasses to protect not only your eyes but your glasses as well. There won’t be a doctor to treat you right around the corner. A simple wound can take a huge amount of first aid supplies and drain your resources, not to mention limit your own functions for gathering water and food.

Sturdy made clothes like pants with pockets. (I like Blackhawk Women’s pants or Mens 5.11 pants, they are ripstop and water resistant with tons of pockets). Long sleeve shirts to keep the sun and wind off. Merino wool base layers including underwear and socks are fantastic. Merino wool is anti-fungal, and antimicrobial. It also will not readily gauld you or give you blisters. I switched to merino wool socks year around and I can tell you that I will never wear another pair of cotton socks. You will freeze to death in cotton clothing, once it gets wet, you are cold and takes forever to dry. Ever wear wet jeans, socks and underwear? Did you ever have to wear them until they dried? YUCK. Merino wool maintains its warmth even when wet. SOLD.

Using Our Vehicle

A good maintenance schedule on your vehicle can really pay off in this type of situation. Make sure that you maintain at least a half a tank to get you started in an emergency. I never come back home with less than that. I try to top off the tank before returning home if the weather or events look ominous.

We will use our vehicle as long as possible to haul the tools, tent, cots, Riley tent stove (we would pack our Biolite camp stove), cooler, pantry items, water containers, fire wood, portable toilet, camp first aid kit, camp laundry service, camp chairs, tarps and larger cooking pots like cast iron. We also have a good back packing larger pot that is an Olicamp kettle. Once the vehicle can no longer be used, we will re-evaluate gear, eliminate gear, get light and hoof – it.


Everyone is on some type of budget, but don’t just go out and buy cheap just to have something. Save your money and get exactly what you need, your life may depend on it or the lives of your family.

Also in your Inch bag, make sure that you have all your important papers (such as marriage certificate, birth certificate, passport, immunization records etc.) in a Loksak or dry bag of some type.