How do you pack all that stuff in that EDC bag? I will show you what each pocket of my EDC bag contains.

Maxpedition Falcon II EDC backpack.

The Armour Wear Diamond IFAK (Independent First Aid Kit) and the Condor Molle H2O pouch are packed independent from the bag in order to be removed and attached to my INCH bag or a belt if necessary.

IFAK (Independent First Aid Kit)

Armourwear IFAK in multicamArmour Wear Diamond Ifak

I like the shape of this kit, it sits more streamlined on the pack and resists snagging. I added the red cross medical patch, it did not come with the pouch. This kit contains a Sof T wide tourniquet, sharpie marker, mylar emergency blanket, bandage scissors (I have replaced the ones shown with a pair of folding Leatherman Raptor Shears), a 4″ Israeli bandage, nitrile gloves, moleskin, 3M transpore tape (very tough and can be torn exact and used as steri strips or butterfly closures), vaseline gauze and a variety of band aids.

Condor Molle H2O Pouch

Condor Molle H2O PouchKleen Kanteen 40 ounce nested into GSI Stanless cup.Sawyer mini water filtration kit.

In a Condor molle H2O water bottle pouch attached to my EDC contains a Kleen Kanteen 40 0z stainless steel wide mouthed bottle  nested into a GSI stainless steel cup, a stainless steel bottle hanger (which slides down the side of the Kanteen in the pouch), a Sawyer Mini filter with a 1 liter water pouch, iodine water treatment tablets, a cherry drink packet from an MRE and two lipton tea packets. I always carry a bottle of water with me everywhere I go, every time.

The Condor molle H2O water bottle pouch can be removed from the EDC pack if needed and attached to my belt for easier water collection or a attached to a bigger bag for long term. This pouch could also hold a Stanley pot nested into a GSI cup with Light My Fire Spork for a food pouch as well.

Top Front Pouch

This pouch is currently what I need on the fly. I have extra keys, chapstick, hand sanitizer, essential oils currently being used (allergy season is peppermint, lavendar and lemon with R.C.). This will all be put into the Condor Pack Insert in order to go into the INCH bag if needed. There is a prescription bottle that contains small parts like nail clippers, charging cord for battery pack, extra holster screws, etc.

Bottom Front Pouch

This pouch is for stuff that I use all the time and need easy access to like tools and eyeglass accessories.

Contents of EDC front pouch.EDC front pouch tools.Benchmade folding tool.Benchmade folding tool.

This pocket contains a pair of leather work gloves, a Leatherman Super Tool 300 multi tool (with bit driver) with a mini crescent wrench and a mini pair of Knipex Cobra pliers tucked in the multi tool sheath, an eyeglass tool (on key ring with my GoPro tool), eyeglass cleaner, a small pair of Bushnell binoculars, an “S” biner and a Benchmade knife tool.
An XGO flame resistant shemagh to wrap around my neck to keep me warm, to wrap over my face for blowing sand and dust, over my head for sun protection or to be used as a sling if necessary. Because it is flame resistant, it can be used to grab hot pot handles out of the fire. *TIP* When you buy a shemagh, before you wash it, tie the fringes together a few at a time and knot it so it doesn’t become a birds nest at both ends after you wash or wear it.

Middle Pouch

EDC middle pouch contents.Maxpedition notebook cover and gloves.Notebook pouch contents.

This pouch is where I keep the more personal items, the essential oils basic kit, my handbag, a bandana (you can never have too many of these), alka-seltzer, a compact mirror, another “S” biner, a tube of Frog Lube gun lubricant, more chapstick, a loksack and a battery charger for my phone.
In the mesh pouch in the Maxpedition Falcon II middle pouch, there is a rite in the rain pad, pencil, pen and pocket knife with a pair of heavy duty leather work gloves.

Back Pouch

OPSEC rain poncho in a mesh bag.Condor pack insert.

Condor pack insert with velcro strap and Morakniv.

This is how the insert slides in my bag, with a Morakniv attached by the velcro strap.

This pouch contains the Condor Pack Insert with the velcro strap holding the Morakniv Companion Knife. The strap ensures everything stays put in case I need to pull out the insert and use it independently. There is also the O.P.S.E.C. oversized poncho in a mesh bag. I can put extra magazines for my size arm along side of the Condor Pack Insert.

Concealed Carry Pouch

This pouch has a place for a water bladder or conceal carry pouch. It is large enough for a sidearm, magazines and ear protection. It contains a velcro panel to attach a holster and magazine holders.

The Outside Of The Pack

I have 3 rock climbing rated carabiners on the pack so I can hang the pack up or clip something to it (like a solar panel charger set or a way to dry clothes while I am hiking). There is also a self charging tooblite and a glove holder clip. I have used all kinds of molle attachments and I think that the maxpedition tac ties are the easiest to work with to attach molle pouches to a molle panel on a pack.

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